I Need Some Answers

Yesterday you probably kicked back at a BBQ, drank some beer, and hopefully lit off some fireworks without losing a hand. There was also probably that one person who thought they'd play their seemingly spectacular playlist, only to disappoint the whole crowd and leave everyone with a taste on their tongue similar to that of Natural Ice. On another note, maybe you heard the news that MellowHype released their much anticipated free album.

MellowHype consists of members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, both of which are a part of of the hip-hop collective Odd Future. The duo has yet to disappoint, as their 2012 album Numbers took to the rap and hip-hop charts, but left people wondering where their obscure antics had gone. Well they're back, and as promised they've released I.N.S.A. (Ineedsomeanswers) on July 4th. Not necessarily the type of music to accommodate the celebration of the birthday of America, but the duo does not disappoint at all. Phenomenal production from Left Brain, and solid verses from Hodgy Beats; the duo comes together to bring back a taste of the original MellowHype. Whether it's the ominous beat of "FIFAFOFUM!", or the 1981 Grace Jones sample on "DUNITA",  MellowHype is definitely back. Give the album a listen below and download the album for free here!