Who is Robb Bank$? South Florida based Rapper, and definitely some sort of hip-hop antagonist whom makes references to Pokémon and Naruto. In 2012, clothing brand Dertbag collaborated with Robb to release two tee shirts featuring Dragon Ball Z cell camo and Xanax respectively. So there's that, but on another note, he’s been around for some time now and he is not to be slept on. It was last October he released his most recent mixtape, Tha City. Just a few names on productions of the mixtape feature POSHstronaut, Miami producer Nuri, and even Raider Klan member SpaceGhostPurpp. With 14 tracks all named after various cities throughout the world, be it London, or Baton Rouge, Robb Bank$ makes moves worldwide. As his first mixtape, Calendars, was released in early 2012 and had an apparent happy tonal setting, Robb Bank$ brings unsettled aggravation to the table with Tha City. Check out the music video for "Counting" below and download Calendars here.

Robb Bank$ may come off as an antagonist with his deep voice and varying tones. Why the anger you ask? Well, the cover of Tha City is a photograph of Robb as a child centered around his father, Shaggy. Yes, I am talking about the “It Wasn’t Me” Shaggy, the song we all knew back from the year 2000 that became an iconic pop hit. There was some shade between the father and son but things are seeming to resolve, but this very well contribute to the anger and aggressive tones throughout the Tha City. 

Tha City is a must listen, as the production is spot on wether or not you beg to differ. Some say his lyrical flow sounds like a bunch of baritone mumbling, but it's much more than that and it defines his character. It all quickly fuels the antagonist persona behind Tha City, and every track tells a story of his life over time, whether it's his infatuation with a woman, passion for drugs, hatred towards an ex, or his love for Naruto. 

Robb Bank$' career has only started and he's already tested the waters of changing from a protagonist to a dark nemesis via his two mixtapes. His full length album, Year of the Savage, is still in the works so be sure to give Tha City a listen while you wait. Download Tha City here.

"Puttin' on your momma dress don't make you no killer / Shit, Norman Bates ass nigga"