We Are Indigos

I would like to think that its quite a feat, to create music of such greatness that whichever genre it may be labeled begins to dissipate. In todays society, most people come upon new music due to its genre or similar artists (somebody please tell Taylor Swift to quit the rap game). iTunes has done a great job keeping music organized in this manner for years, but there's also the question that if these genre labels keep artists from experimentation. For exampled, when Kid Cudi stepped outside of the box in 2012 with his side-project WZRD, which featured a cover of "Where did you sleep last night".

There's an 18 year old artist coming out of Atlanta that is changing the game entirely. Rapper/singer/songwriter Raury is taking the field by storm. He's featured on one of SBTRKT recent singles, and he's even sat down with Kanye West to share music. He recently released his project Indigo Child and it's evident that his passion for music is enormous. After listening to this project I immediately came to realize that I couldn't quite seem to label this project/music any definite genre. That may seem like a questionable or simply stupid statement but theres something about the music that draws influences from all over the map and is purely inspirational. This can be seen in his music video for "God's Whisper", which not only reveals outstanding visuals and even appearances by the fashionable lucid twins, but lyrics which can easily give hope to anyone caught in a rut. Give his music a listen, watch the video, you will be in awe. Genres fade away, and every track brings forth positive emotions. Raury is most definitely on the trail to a massive career.