Unknown Memory

May tears fall from your eyes, as the time has come. Below is what appears to be a minute long video which has fallen from the stormy clouds above. Titled 23/09/14, one could only assume that this marks the release of the greatly anticipated Yung Lean Album, Unknown Memory. Just over three weeks away I am sure the time will pass quickly. While we wait we can thank Yung Gud for blessing us with a remix of Tinashe's "2 On". The remix diverges from the original track and creates a seemingly space-bound soundscape, suitable both for clubs, or for your trip to mars. Yung Lean recently toured North America (some photos from his show in NYC can be seen here), only to leave thousands wondering when the Sadboys will return. So mark your calendars, September 23, Unknown Memory, sunny or not tears will be falling so be sure to pack an umbrella.