Death of a Hiatus

It's been about a year since I last posted anything. I was experiencing euphoria after taking portraits of Playboi Carti, and as time went on my creativity diminished. It sparked again last fall when I started a position as the Director of Marketing for a hospitality group near my home town. In the past I had lost touch with myself and over the course of the past year i have been rebuilding a solid foundation. I've been learning to appreciate even the smallest things. 

I sold my 5D Mk III and all of the accompanying accessories and blindly jumped into Sony. Without even picking anything up I started fresh with a brand new Sony A7 III . Some would call this move stupid, but I needed something new. Working in hospitality every day and working with food I am finding enjoyment challenging myself. Asking myself, "what can I do better next time". I am back to share more stories, both visually and written. I am back to learn more and share more with others. Even if that means just taking a single photo every day. Life couldn't be more great.

Purple Flowers
Dead Flowers