At Your Neck : New Jersey

Last night Cutthroat Records hit Stanhope, New Jersey for the At Your Neck Tour. The tour is led by a roster representing the west coast label, DSavage, Joey Fatts, Eddy Baker, and Lil Bosstae. After canceling their first date due to arrests made in Memphis, they were quickly released and were able to get back on the road. Last night the tour, consisting of twenty dates across the US, landed at The Stanhope House. The historic New Jersey venue known for hosting folk and rock concerts was overtaken by west coast rap leaving the crowd filled with energy. The intimate venue brought everyone together and it wasn't long before the crowd rushed the stage. The night eventually came to an end as DSavage performed "I Know II" and the crowd chanted "RIP Jack" and "RIP Yams". Jack Phoenix was a close friend of the artists, he was killed by a hit and run in November of 2015. Jack lives on through his friends and his artwork. Rest in peace Jack.
Check out photos and a video recap of the evening below.
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