After releasing Unknown Memory in 2014, Yung Lean seemed to have dipped back into the shadows of Stockholm. Releasing tracks at a rate slow enough to make us all turn into sadboys and sadgirls, some wondered what his next moves were. It was almost a year ago, December of 2014, that Yung Lean closed out his first North American tour, the "Black Marble Tour." People weren't necessarily content with the lack of releases hes put out since, as people could only sip iced tea while listening to "Crystal Clear Ice" for so long.

A little over a year since Yung Lean released Unknown Memory, he reignites the flame with a new single, "Hoover." Produced by Onirim and directed by Leo Siboni,  Leandoer is captured floating across the horizon of a cemetery atop a dirt bike. Yung Gud masterfully pieces together what seems to be the sounds of tornado sirens, rainfall, echoes of steel, and a bassline made of aux cord static. Yung Lean is going through an evolution, it becomes clear with the stark rawness of this release. While retaining the traits of what is expected of Yung Lean's music, "Hoover" begins to break away into something different. This here proves that all of the people whom thought he took this industry in a non-serious manner, are most definitely wrong. If his future sounds like this, I suppose we can all look forward to it.