Atlanta based rapper, Kevin Pollari, has consistently been putting out solid releases for quite some time now. With approval from 40 Oz. Van and the likes, it's seeming he's making quite a name for himself. Last year he brought us his Sonya EP  via MIDNIGHT SOUNDS, which featured KEY! and production from Metro Boomin and Dexter to name a few. With that in the past, and having received positive feedback, he is back with his recently released Lucy EP. Atlanta based producer Dexter Dukarus, yes the Dexter from his prior release, is back to engineer all of the sounds this time around and I can't complain. The EP garners influences from the south, but strays away into the oddities of rap, seen in standout track "On My" which features AWFUL Records artist, Father. The subtle soundscapes and added eerie baselines created by Dexter pair quite well with the deep drowned out vocals of Pollari. Some may think these tracks are "bland" or too simple, but the EP is crafted in a way a story would be written. This doesnt necessarily mean its complex and filled with details, but its melds together in a way any artist would want to share their vision, "Faster" melding into "Tell The Truth" for an example. This isn't the first time Pollari has worked with this collective, he's been on tracks with GAHM and Playboi Carti in the past, it's possible Pollari is just finding his place. Sure, this isn't something for everyone, it's more so an acquired taste, a delve into the true art of music. Give him a listen, as Pollari is teaming with Black Kray of Goth Money Records in the near future to bring us "Faster Two". Check out his brand new video for his new single "Fiji", jump on the designer water wave to cure your thirst. Be on the lookout for more announcements and find links to his EPs below.

2015 - LUCY  EP

2014 - Sonya EP