Considered "the most multicultural festival in the US" by The New York Times, this weekend AFROPUNK Festival took over Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn, NY. The masses attended, as the festival was free (yes, you should've been there), creating an epicenter of urban culture. Diverse in every aspect, the festival brought everyone together to share their passion for art and music. Whether you were moshing to the legendary Bad Brains or dancing to THEEsatisfaction, it was evident that everyone their was having a great time. Check out some photos from the event below:


Seattle-based experimental hip-hop group, Shabazz Palaces, has brought us some brand new visuals for their track "#CAKE." These guys have been around for some time now, as their Sub-Pop debut Black Up was released in 2011, and they definitely explore the dark corners of hip-hop. Releasing their critically acclaimed album Lese Majesty last month, the group proves they've maintained their efforts to create new raw, cryptic, and cosmic sounds. The aura this music creates is evident on the track "#CAKE," which featured guest vocals by Catherine Harris-White of THEESatisfaction. Directed by Hiro Murai (Earl Sweatshirt, Childish Gambino, St. Vincent), the surrealistic video induces horror by means of wandering a post-apocalpytic cityscape. Check out the video below and catch Shabazz Palaces this Saturday at AFROPUNK Music Festival, Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn. They take over the Red Stage on August 23 from 5:15 - 5:45.


HO99O9, pronounced HORROR, is an experimental thrash core rap, punk band from New Jersey. Consisting of vocalists theOGM and Eaddy, the duo is quickly building a name for themselves, as they've performed with NinjaSonik, Japanther, and many more. Frequently crossing potential boundaries as to what is politically correct, HO99O9's lyrics touch upon subjects such as necrophilia, drug use, blasphemy, and the 999 revelation. Sure, you're already thinking this band sounds similar to Death Grips (never forget), and lives a lifestyle similar to that of Flatbush Zombies, but they've already accumulated their own cult following. It's evident that their shows are filled with volatile energy which can easily be justified by their self-directed video, "Bone Collector". Watch the video for "Bone Collector" below, and be sure to check out their new tracks "Casey Jones" and "Cum Rag" which released at 6:66pm (we'll go with it).

The band shared that the two new tracks are off their upcoming full length record, so there's confirmation that well be hearing much more of them in the near future. Catch HO99O9 this Saturday at AFROPUNK Music Festival, Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn. They take over the Black Stage on August 23 from 1:45-2:15.