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Sippin Tea

New artists emerge every day, yet the big question remains, will they make it? Some manage to survive the perils of the industry, while some simply fall to the shadows and disappear. Uno the Activist has been around some time now and it's safe to say he's here for good. Whether it's his steady stream of releases, or his stage presence while performing, it all pieces together to make sense of how he's gotten to where he is today. It seems as if Uno has a performance every other day; In his hometown of Atlanta one day, then New York City the next, it's a bit unclear as to where Uno truly calls home. As for his contribution to the culture, he's definitely stirred things up in the realm of rap and hip-hop. Making quite a name for himself over the past year, tracks such as "Parkin' Lot Pimpin" have climbed to over 270 thousand plays and counting. Frequently working with the likes of Kevin Pollari, ThouxanbandFauni, and Playboi Carti, it's evident Uno has a vision for success. One can quickly differentiate his definitive sound from other artists, which is critical in a field that is over-saturated with artists trying to replicate others. Be on the lookout for this young talented artist, as Uno the Activist is constantly performing throughout the U.S. Also be sure to check out some photos below as well as his recent release with ThouxanbandFauni and Playboi Carti, "Every Since".

Jerome Jhamal

New Jersey artist, Mista Splurge, recently made an appearance in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey. A week ago he came out of the shadows to perform a few tracks including "Stikkk Up" and trap anthem "Jerome Jhamal". The young artist remains humble, all while being draped in FUBU, with scarce appearances throughout the US. A few months back he released 4000 Till Eternity, a five track EP which made it very clear that he's here to stay. With only one track featuring frequent collaborators Uno the Activist and Kevin Pollari, the EP demonstrated his technical abilities as an artist, as well as masterful production. Although it was released under the radar, it quickly garnered attention. With tracks hitting over 10k, and standout "Jerome Jhamal" now reaching 33k plays, Mista Splurge had begun his reign. Following his 4000 Till Eternity, he continues to deliver solid tracks such as "Stikkk Up," and collaborations with artists such as Spaceghostpurrp.

Mista Splurge has a new project releasing on October 30th so stay tuned for more details. In the meanwhile, check out 4000 Till Eternity below

The Day After Tomorrow

New Jersey rap collective 2oo4 is coming out of the dark as each day goes by. Based in North Jersey, the collective recently released Strugglin Since 2oo4, their largest release to date. Consisting of Mobetta, Rich, Papo, Macho, and long time friend and collaborator Lil Yuri Pe$o, the rap collective draws sounds from multiple backgrounds. Untold stories of life on the streets, smoking gas, women, and Polo, piece together just some of the stories of these artists lives. Just a few days ago 2oo4 brings us The Day After Tomorrow, a short EP offering a taste of whats to come. 2oo4 will be performing on October 22nd in Newark, NJ so be sure to pull up and support, more details on the event can be found via their twitter. One week later the collective hits Austin, Texas on October 30th to perform alongside of Uno the Activist and Kevin Pollari. Get tickets to see 2oo4 in the Lone Star State at Trilloween here.

The year is 2oo4 and these artists are on the rise. Keep an eye out for more releases to come and check out The Day After Tomorrow below.