Young Coyote

Ro Ransom, also known as Young Coyote, an upcoming rap artist from New York City, is frequently overlooked due to the over saturation of artists these days. With that notation set aside, the young artist has a clear vision to success, yet remains honest with himself about where the music industry stands and how difficult it has become to make it these days. With everyone trying to rap and utilize soundcloud for immediate success, Ro Ransom makes it obvious that his passion for music is much more than a quick trek to the top of the charts. He's definitely not a one trick act, as his genre diversity covers not only his usual rapping, but also touches of R&B, and even classic grunge covers. With references to Metal Gear Solid, samples from Army Of Pharaohs, all while exploiting subjects such as the darkness of narcotic use, It is evident his intelligence and execution is quite genius. This is all a nice addition to the field, as many artists just speak of drug use, sex, and money (with occasional references to subjects such as "wood"). Ro hits all the nails on the head, crafting an intellectual story, yet still remaining relevant to the culture he is further defining. Releasing what was his long awaited mixtape, Ro Ransom Is The Future, last October, it seems he has slowed down with releases as of late, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give him a listen. Check out a photo set from Michael Knapp below, as well as a link to Ro Ransom's mixtape. With a new project in the future, we can all be sure to keep this young artists on our radar.

Download Ro Ransom Is The Future here.

Photos via Michael Knapp: