Obscure within the shadows of Cleveland, Ohio, lies 16 year old producer, 16 yr old. Quite cliche yes, but talented nonetheless. With unexpected musical influences, a good taste in film, and a simplistic lifestyle, it's evident 16 yr old is enjoying life. When asked what gave him the idea of jumping into the unforgiving realm known as the music industry, he responded...

But thats what everyone does so it's alright, right? Meshing together hit tracks and unexpected samples, 16 yr old seems to create pure gold. Transforming Birdman's "Pop Bottles" with the solemn undercurrent of Beach House's "Heart of Chambers" completely changes everything ranging from tempo, to the overall emotions provoked by the track. With a steady flow of releases and a collaborative EP with producer DIVINE, 16 yr old has only begun to show us his full potential. 

Performing this past NYE in Ohio with Goth Money Records very own Black Kray, we can hope to see live performances pick up a bit whether they're in Ohio or not. Quickly garnering attention from the likes of 40oz Van and others, it's safe to say he's definitely someone to keep your eyes on. Download his EP here, and check out the rest of his music via his soundcloud. Below is a brief conversation with the youngin' himself..

So is it true you're really 16

Swagger on a hundred thousand million yes

So whats up with your fashion influences, looks like some of your gear is DIY

I fuck with fashion. Shout my n****s at chemical denim, NOVA OHIO, DEFCON LA, and salute to the big bro 40 oz. I love fashion, I like looking how I wanna look. Shit is lit

Dope, as far as music goes, are there any genres outside of the hip-hop/rap realm that you're into

I'm into everything, that also includes country

Any artists that directly influence your work? The Beach House sample was genius

Slayer, Whitechapel, Big Black, Blood Bros

What's life like, you know, within the massive culture you've become a part of. Meeting other artists, the parties/drugs, traveling the world. All of which is becoming a part of you're life at the age of 16

ell you know, I'm still very innocent at heart. Even if I shot a few n****s in my lifetime, I just try to enjoy everything. I am drug free though

Good for you man, especially in a scene where drug use and the context of drugs is so prominent. Outside of music production and the shows what do you do

eah, drugs are lame. I don't really do shit. My girlfriend is cool and I love movies and worldstarhiphop. Shout out Soph Beezy

What films

I love drama and thrillers, Good Will Hunting, fire, not too into any artsy films. That shit's really lame.



any projects we can expect to see in the near future? NYC shows?

I got an EP coming soon, who knows when doe. And shit, if I can get booked, lets get it gang gang

So what's going to happen when you turn 17? A new persona or sticking to 16 yr old? Or retiring by then?

really don't know to be honest with you. We just gonna keep walking till we reach whats next. Hopefully were running by then. 

Well good luck man, keep running. Thanks for talking

       Anytime dude. RIP YAMS, PIMP C, DJ SCREW