Heroes x Villains

Atlanta-based artists Heroes x Villains, major contributors to Trap music, have brought us a new mix. VAVLT BOYZ IV: THE RAPTURE features the likes of HXV themselves; covering inspirations and music they simply enjoy. The mix touches back to their exclusive events back in 2011, deemed VAVLT, in which they performed mixes such as this one to simply to share and have a good time. HXV is happy to announce that they are indeed bringing VAVLT back, with the revival happening January 16th at the Music Room in Atlanta, Georgia. Regardless if it pleases your tastebuds or not, this is something that opens peoples minds as to what is out there. Artists who go unseen, genres which go ignored, it all gets revealed to the musically blind and HVX melds it all into a masterfully crafted mix. This is true art. Check out the mix below and be sure to catch these guys when they hit Philly on January 23rd at District N9NE, tickets can be purchased here