No Peace, Coast to Coast

Blood, sweat, adrenaline.

Trash Talk Collective, a hardcore punk band from Sacramento, CA, will soon be in a city near you, and there will most definitely be chaos. Trash Talk signed to Odd Future records in 2012, it was then that Trash Talk displayed their ability to push boundaries. Bridging the gap between hardcore punk rock and underground hip-hop, they have recently been collaborating with quite an array of hip-hop artists and producers, Flatbush Zombies is one of the collaborations not to be missed.

The group just released their full length LP "No Peace" featuring work with Alchemist, King Krule, and Wiki of the hip-hop group Ratking. The album is full of aggressive energy and can easily make on envision their fist through a wall. The album shows Trash Talk has kept their roots deep in their style of hardcore punk, but also shares a glimpse into their ability to meld with hip-hop. As this isn't a first, "Trashwang", a rare occasion in which Trash Talk shares the stage with Odd Future, has showed each of the collectives appreciation of each others genre.

Odd Future + Trash Talk = Trashwang

The group recently collaborated with Grenco Science putting out their own personal G pen, a personal vaporizer for those of you who may seek peace, or no peace at all. In celebration of the release, the group is hitting the road for a free tour. Backed with support from Odd Future member Left Brain, these shows are not to be missed. Be prepared for violence, a lot of it, as Trash Talk will not disappoint.

RSVP to these free shows here. The shows are indeed free but on a first come, first serve basis, and don't forget to pick up their new album, "No Peace." While we all await the announcement for each city, here's a track of the new album to get your heart racing.