Zomby Outbreak!!!

There are 26 letters in the alphabet, for those of you who didn't already know. Also, there are many more than 26 genres of electronic music, some of which are being engineered as I write this. Electronic dance music, or EDM, has been gaining popularity through the roof within the recent years and continues to do so. Massive festivals take part in this, attracting crowds from around the world, such as Ultra in Miami, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Electric Zoo in NYC, the list goes on.

The people attending these festivals, some of them at least, patiently wait at their computer franticly refreshing the festival homepage in hopes of the Movement Festival, Detroit, lineup sequence two to magically appear. This goes for every festival, as the hype has become unreal and these EDM festivals have rose to the top by means of success, production, and outstanding sales.

We can all remember when it was about going to a local venue or club and raging to some dubstep, but over time EDM continues to evolve. Trap has been getting a lot of attention lately, but watching EDM evolve we all know this could change in a month when the next big sub-genre makes a premiere. It's questionable if people who claim they "love" this music, can actually distinguish the difference between electro house, trap, and moombahton.

Zomboy, a producer and DJ whose taken the fields by storm lately, started "The Outbreak Tour" earlier this month, making an appearance at the Trocadero in Philadelphia for the first date of his massive tour across the US. The production is on point and the visuals tell an obscure animated story throughout the DJs set. Coming from the UK, it is a rare occasion to see Zomboy on a headlining tour and I suggest you get out and catch him on tour while you can. It's been a while since I've heard loud and aggressive dubstep, and Zomboy was the definitive answer. Jaws were dropped, as well as kandi, lots of kandi. With an album due out this year keep your eyes open for updates on the release, but for now you can listen to his new single "WTF!?". Buy tickets to see him on "The Outbreak Tour" here or catch him at an upcoming music festival:

Mysteryland - Bethel Woods, NY - May 24

Sunset Music Festival - Tampa, FL - May 25

Osheaga Festival - Montreal, QB - August 3