The City Never Sleeps

Straight out of Harlem a hip-hop group was formed, Ratking. Ratking pulls in everything needed to make a potion of New York street madness. Ratking released their EP "Wiki93" under XL Recordings in 2012, which had critics raving and was noted on the Complex - 50 Best Albums of 2012. Ratking is back for more and brings us back to the streets of Harlem for a new chapter of their lives.

Lead MC Patrick Morales, also known as Wiki, has a pounding rhythm accompanied by a nasally voice. Some say it is reminiscent of the early years of Eminem, but whoever it may remind you of it is definitely not something to sleep on. This group has brought a new breathe of fresh air to the genre, and it's very much relatable to our own lives.

Ratking isn't about sippin' lean and feeling some type of way, it's about life on the streets and the challenges that turn into every day struggles. 

"Kicked out the crib, roam the city streets / Think I'm pretty weak cause I've seen some shitty weeks"

Wiki doesn't leave a street corner untouched as he and Ratking share their lives of hardship. With their full length recently released, "So it Goes...", it's evident that their style has not changed and the journey through the young-minded hip-hop artists lives picks up where it was left off. "So it goes..." can't be unheard, as this is as gritty as hip-hop gets and true to the roots of the genre. 

They're taking it to the streets and you can see their story turn into a reality as they embark on tour. Tour dates can be seen below and be sure to support these guys and buy their album here

June 6 - New York City, NY

June 10 - Washington D.C., DC

June 11 - Asbury Park, NJ

June 12 - Pittsburgh, PA

June 13 - Providence, RI

June 15 - Boston, MA

June 16 - Philadelphia, PA

June 17 - New Haven, CT

June 19 - Montreal, CA

June 21 - Toronto, CA

June 22 - Toronto, CA

August 2 - Chicago, IL