A New World's Fair, Uh Huh...

This isn't what you're thinking, this is not about the World's Fair of April 1964 that opened in Queens, NY. This is about World's Fair,  the Queens, NY hip-hop collective, that is embarking on a 15 date tour deemed the Cross Faded Tour. The collective will be backed with support from Atlanta collective Two-9. If you haven't heard of World's Fair you need to download their album "Bastards of The Party", released under Fool's Gold Records in 2013. This album is nothing short of excellence and can be downloaded for free here.

World's Fair has released a new track in preparation of their upcoming tour, "Uh Huh". This track features members Prince SAMO and Cody B. Ware on top of a beat produced by Jansport J. The beat and sample of "Mr. Me Too" by Clipse, the duo in which Pusha T came from, create a gritty yet simplistic aura. Some may think the constant "uh huh" throughout the song is incredibly annoying, but it actually contrasts the flow of the vocals and becomes quite subtle compared to the aggressive vocals. Give the track a listen as World's Fair does not disappoint. 

The Cross Faded Tour begins on June 8th in Philadelphia and attending one of the dates below should definitely be on your to-do list. 

6/8 - Philadelphia, PA

6/9 - Boston, MA

6/10 - New York, NY

6/11 - Stanhope, NJ

6/12 - Providence, RI

6/13 - Pittsburgh, PA

6/14 - Buffalo, NY

6/16 - Baltimore, MD

6/19 - Orlando, FL

6/20 - Miami, FL

6/21 - Jacksonville, FL

6/24 - Atlanta, GA

6/25 - Carboro, NC

6/26 - Charlotte, NC

6/27 - Nashville, TN