No Cap, No Gown

FeNess'N Derty, Bridgeport, CT hip-hop duo, has released a new track that takes to NYC. The Connecticut duo teamed up with Bronx native Black Dave to drop their new track, "Derty MFZ". With FeNess'N Derty having released their mixtape in April, just over a month ago, they've really stepped up production and continue to release simply derty tracks, this being one of them. The group performs throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn quite a bit so be sure to check them out.

Black Dave continues to deliver heavy bars from his "fuck everything and everybody" mindset. 

"Eatin' Lobster with my bitch from Paris / Don't look at me cause your bitch is average"

Black Dave is a busy man, not only in the studio, but filming his next line for Zoo York. He's definitely talented, riding for Zoo York, Venture Trucks, Nike, and even the coveted Supreme, he has been a major contribution to the skateboarding field. All in all, Black Dave has inspired many to essentially, give no fucks. 

Check out the new track below, and be sure to download FeNess'N Derty's self-titled mixtape and Black Dave's mixtape - "Black Bart