Don't Wipe Your Tears

Yung Lean has announced a much anticipated US and Canada tour. Titled the "Black Marble Tour", sadboys (and girls) will tear up when seeing the tour only hits New York for two dates before heading into Canada and moving into the west coast.

For those who have to ask " Who is Yung Lean?" Yung Lean, a 17 year old rapper from Stockholm, Sweden, released a mixtape mid 2013 through Mishka Records titled "Unknown Death 2002." This mixtape opens a gateway to a lifestyle of drinking arizona ice tea, associating with beloved Pokémon, and being lost in a lonely cloud of emotions. Yung Lean isn't the only one living this lifestyle; his whole posse, who call themselves the "Sad Boys", follow suite and form quite an interesting little collective. A notable member of the Sad Boys is 18 year old Yung Gud, one of the producers behind Yung Lean, keeping people mesmerized while producing tear inducing beats. Be sure to check out his recent interview with the people over at Red Bull Music Academy. To some Yung Lean may seem like another level of "based", but it's much more than that. 

Check out his new music video "Yoshi City". The track is the first single off his upcoming album "Uknown Memory". In a cave or not, Sad Boys are worldwide. Grab your bucket had and be sure to catch Yung Lean and the Sad Boys on the "Black Marble Tour" this summer, as the Sad Boys hit Webster Hall, NYC July 9th.

"Roses all on her wedding dress, blood from her mouth, I'm a mess"