No Peace in Philadelphia

Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, people amassed to witness a show in which they could've very well left covered in piss. Trash Talk recently teamed up with Grenco Science and hit the road for a free tour to celebrate the release of their collaborative works. This past sunday night, Trash Talk hit Philadelphia.

They performed at a small record store, Creep Records, located in the Piazza at Schmidt. To attend this show you had to RSVP and the venue would be announced via email. People anticipating the venue information to be released probably thought of something a bit bigger to house this event, as the record store had a maximum capacity of 70 people. It was then that I found out that 500 people RSVP'd to this event, thus about 14% of the people who made plans to attend this show would actually make it through the doors. Keep that in mind, if you plan to attend one of these shows you probably should've RSVP'd here

The sun began to set over the city and Left Brain played a DJ set on what seemed to be an iPad mini. Due to the expressions on peoples faces, It was hard to tell if people were expecting him to actually rap or not, or if people were too "punk" for this. Either way, Left Brain gave off much needed energy as people embraced for the coming face of death. I couldn't tell if this acquired energy was a product of Left Brain dropping Lil' B or bringing people back to 1987, via Salt-N-Pepa. Based God or not, the 14% that made it inside got to witness Left Brain drop a interestingly pleasing set. 

Almost walking out with a broken camera, there was absolutely no mercy. Trash Talk played a set compiled of pure raw energy. Taking it back to their 2011 EP, "Awake", all the way to their new album "No Peace", Trash Talk had people moving wall to wall. Trash Talk is definitely a band that has to be seen live, as there is something about their shows that refreshes the culture of hardcore punk. People were pressed against the walls, doing their best to avoid knocking the hung artwork from the walls. This was mostly due to the fact that the floor was a mass of people moshing with the vocalist himself, Lee Spielman. The show was deemed all ages, but there was definitely a question as to if your child, or any child, would be safe. But don't worry, Lee shared himself he did NOT want to be getting hit in the face, and next to all of the mayhem, to lookout for each other; everyone came together to face what they thought would be death itself. 

Whether you're into hardcore punk or not, Trash Talk should be on your list of bands to see. Just to clarify things, I was not caught in the midst of someone else's urge to urinate, and I did indeed leave with all of my limbs in tact. Check out the photos below. This is Trash Talk.