Yung Lean has blessed the Sad Boys of the world. As if a North American tour wasn't enough of a blessing, the mysterious tears of Yung Lean have fused together to create a new track titled "re-charge". The track features both production and vocals by Stockholm producer, Baba Stiltz. Seemingly a song for those who need to recharge and take a minute to reflect on their lives. 

"Recharge my whole life / Upload all my sorrow"

Is it the feeling that we heavily rely on electronics in todays society? People uploading all the negativity of their lives to social media just to reflect and start fresh. People wake up every day and start fresh, all while others do this to garner attention in a childish manner. Attention or not, it's clear even the Leandoer himself must re-charge in order to maintain sanity. Realize that he is still young, as he just turned 18 years-old (happy birthday!), and the life of a touring artist can be beyond stressful. It's a friendly reminder, we all have to "re-charge, re-live, and re-die"

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