Bruiser Brigade Takeover

There has been one hip hop collective in particular garnering a lot of attention as of lately, hailing from Detroit, the Bruiser Brigade. The Bruiser Brigade is a rap group formed by Danny Brown consisting of himself, Dopehead, CHIP$, ZelooperZ, TrplBlk Mandingo, and their in-house producer SKYWLKER.

Just a few days ago Scottish producer Rustie teamed up with Danny Brown to release "Attak". The track is definitely a must listen, as it was named best new track by Pitchfork Media. Delivering hard hitting bass and an echoing synth hook, the track seems to create two different energies which compliment the aggressive, yet comical, verses of Danny Brown. Give the track a listen below and pre-order Rustie's upcoming album Green Language here.

Things don't stop there, Danny Brown took to twitter and shared with us that the greatly anticipated Bruiser Brigade album will be released this coming October and will be called Reign Supreme. Even sharing that the Bruisers reached out to people for features, but heard no responses. Who needs features anyways, the Bruiser Brigade is about to bring Detroit to your front yard. The collective has failed to ever disappoint so I'm sure you're already getting anxious. Anxiety set aside, pour yourself a nice glass of lean (with or with our Dr. Pepper) and hope you sleep through August and September. If you think about it, October is right around the corner, especially if that works out for you (sleeping for two months that is). So sit patiently and keep posted for the official release date. The Bruiser Brigade is taking over.