Another One

Canadian singer - songwriter, Mac DeMarco, recently announced the release of an upcoming mini LP titled Another One, due out August 7th. The upcoming album, seemingly centered around love songs, will feature eight songs including the recently released "The Way You'd Love Her". With a style deemed slacker rock, DeMarco creates music that will make you want nothing more than to go on an adventure with long lost friends during the long days of summer. As the temperatures continue to rise and young love's emotions churn, DeMarco brings us the title-track off his upcoming album, "Another One". Accompanied by a self-made music video, DeMarco sings about the harsh reality of a loved one slipping away and falling in love with someone else. Sporting a MJ tribute shirt, while playing the keys, drums, and guitar in a body of deep blue water, Mac DeMarco goes to show he is a master at his craft. Be sure to check out the video below, catch him while he's on his 2015 world tour, and stay tuned for any updates on his upcoming album.