Da$h, Retch, and Bamz

This past weekend, a venue known as Starland Ballroom, tucked away in Sayreville, NJ, held what was without a doubt one of the greatest hip-hop/rap shows the garden state has housed in years. People will most likely beg to differ with that statement, looking back to when Future, Big Sean, ILoveMakonnen, and other big acts have come through New Jersey. It wasn't too long ago that Starland Ballroom actually housed a performance by Action Bronson, which was a step in the right direction, a step towards the purest form of rap. It was this past weekend that pushed the bar a little further, as Hot 97s Peter Rosenberg hosted a bill of artists that have further defined the genre in which they contribute to. Sha Hef, Smoke DZA, Da$h, Retchy P, and Bodega Bamz.

All of these artists have been massive contributors to the genre hip-hop/rap, telling their stories in the form of gritty and raw verses. With Da$h and Retch being from New Jersey themselves, there was a bit of that home-state energy we all know of. The room filled with the chants of the loyal fans, "RIP YAMS, LONG LIVE YAMS!" It was clear there was no setlist, as Da$h and Retch looked to the crowd to provide the next song they wanted to hear. "Fetti", "Shaded", "Hunnit Bandz", "Trap Phone", "Gunz Gon Blow". These chants and yells filled the room with such euphoria. One could easily tell that the performers fed off this energy, it became more evident as Da$h poured lean on to the heads of his fans, Retch jumped into the crown, and Bamz signed the clothing of his loyal fans.

Check out the photos from the night below! Be sure to check out all of these artists, as Retch recently released his newest project, Finesse The World. Links to some of the artists projects and recent releases can be found below.

Bodega Bamz ( purchase Sidewalk Exec here)

Retchy P