Atlanta based rapper Key! made his way into Philadelphia this past Monday. Performing at an intimate venue, Underground Arts, led to good company and conversation. Despite the smaller turnout, his set was nothing to be compromised. It's environments like these, the smaller crowds, that tend to bring out the best, or the worst, in artists. One must think how would any given artist handle a situation like this, and it frequently exposes the fault in many artists. Some simply think it may be "a waste of time", taking haste to call off the event and leave fans with a sour taste on their tongue.

Key! set all things aside and performed as he would anywhere, regardless of whether it's 50 people or 500. This feat is what keeps both music, and this culture alive. He posses an important creative outlook, simply that his music needs to be heard and shared with others. This is a defining characteristic of artists that make their way to the top, whether they enjoy it or not is for the crowd to tell. The set consisted of his entire recent project #ScreamingDreams Prelude and an assortment of other hits, "Too Much Dope", "Street Fighter", and "Shout Out To The Zoo" to name a few. The intimate crowd chanted along and followed Key!'s lead as he demonstrated the proper way to dab. In a brief conversation, Key! was short to say he has much larger things in the works, briefly hinting at more work with Playboi Carti in the near future. It's safe to say we can all look forward to whatever it is he releases next, as he exclaims in "Hell Yeah",  ... "Still goin up, and they not".

Keep a lookout for news on Key!'s next moves as continues his journey to the top. Be sure to check out some photos from the night below as well as his recent project, #ScreamingDreams Prelude, in its entirety.

Forevermore Express

The Beast Coast movement is continuing to spread, as The Underachievers have rallied some troops to embark on their headlining tour, The Forevermore Express Tour. The lineup features Bodega Bamz, Kirk Knight, Pouya & the Buffet Boys, and The Underachievers. More East Coast dates remain as they travel south, tickets for the remaining dates can be purchased here.

The tour recently hit Philadelphia, PA this past Monday to wreak havoc at Voltage Lounge. Being an intimate venue, the crowd gathered shoulder to shoulder, patiently waiting for an act to take the stage. It was nearing eight o' clock and people were coming in and out of the tour bus, Bodega Bamz and Ohla continued to have their hair braided by fellow Tangirl Bonnie B, and Ace made some finishing touches to the playlist (Post Malone, Robb Bank$, Young Thug). With the crowd waiting and anticipation building, Ohla went on to speak about shooting film with his Pentax, and fellow Tanboys discussed "Hotline Bling" saving Drake's ass from his very mediocre collaborative album, What a Time to be Alive (we forgot about that right?).  It wasn't long before Pouya, Fat Nick, and Germ came through, followed by Kirk Knight and The Underachievers. Conversations were made and questions were asked, with The Buffet Boys making it clear that they wanted to know what spot has the best Philly Cheesesteak. When the show began, the crowd showed no mercy. Being an intimate venue, the entire floor quickly became a mosh pit and people had no other choice than to join in. The people of Philadelphia made it clear that the Beast Coast and artists alike are always welcome in the city. Photos from the night can be viewed below: