the underachievers

Forevermore Express

The Beast Coast movement is continuing to spread, as The Underachievers have rallied some troops to embark on their headlining tour, The Forevermore Express Tour. The lineup features Bodega Bamz, Kirk Knight, Pouya & the Buffet Boys, and The Underachievers. More East Coast dates remain as they travel south, tickets for the remaining dates can be purchased here.

The tour recently hit Philadelphia, PA this past Monday to wreak havoc at Voltage Lounge. Being an intimate venue, the crowd gathered shoulder to shoulder, patiently waiting for an act to take the stage. It was nearing eight o' clock and people were coming in and out of the tour bus, Bodega Bamz and Ohla continued to have their hair braided by fellow Tangirl Bonnie B, and Ace made some finishing touches to the playlist (Post Malone, Robb Bank$, Young Thug). With the crowd waiting and anticipation building, Ohla went on to speak about shooting film with his Pentax, and fellow Tanboys discussed "Hotline Bling" saving Drake's ass from his very mediocre collaborative album, What a Time to be Alive (we forgot about that right?).  It wasn't long before Pouya, Fat Nick, and Germ came through, followed by Kirk Knight and The Underachievers. Conversations were made and questions were asked, with The Buffet Boys making it clear that they wanted to know what spot has the best Philly Cheesesteak. When the show began, the crowd showed no mercy. Being an intimate venue, the entire floor quickly became a mosh pit and people had no other choice than to join in. The people of Philadelphia made it clear that the Beast Coast and artists alike are always welcome in the city. Photos from the night can be viewed below:


A Clockwork Indigo

This is not a sequel to an Anthony Burgess book, nor is it going to revive the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, this is simply an announcement to inform you that the Beast Coast is about to take over. Flatbush Zombies are teaming up with The Underachievers to embark on their North-American tour, titled "Clockwork Indigo Presents the Electric Koolade Experience." The tour begins October 17 in Iowa City, IA and concludes in Philadelphia, PA on December 7. Flatbush Zombies released a handful of singles throughout the year via their "Day of the Dead" series, while The Underachievers released an entire LP earlier this month, which very well could come together for quite a phenomenal setlist. There's also the possibility that this really is a supergroup and they'll be bringing out all new tracks in full force. Either way, do not miss out on this tour Grab your tickets here.

With the recent release of The Underachievers' Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium LP (stream the album in its entirety here), it's obvious the Beast Coast is rising in power regardless if Issa Gold may do his own thing. Sure it may be an obscure name for an album, but The Cellar Door is apparently one of the most phonetically beautiful phrases in the English language. The album returns to the psychedelic waves similar to that of their first mixtape, Indigoism. Even in the opening track, "Luminescence," The Underachievers' transcendental lyrics immediately create a distinct line that sets them apart. It's the spiritualism they rap about, following their own beliefs as they exploit the faults of our society one verse at a time. This track leads into a colossal album that must definitely be checked out, open your third eye and purchase the album here or listen to a full stream here.